Fullname customer extension

I see that all most of the customers want to easily create customer accounts or fill in customer addresses when purchasing products on the online website. Even they want to place an order as guest if they don’t care about warranty policy or reward policy. With magento website the customer need to fill first name and last name. They are required. The customer also maybe need to fill the prefix name and middle name on magento website if you active them.

Maybe you know this inconvenice. But I also understand that you want to show more field on customer form to get more information. So you can improve customer care, guess for them the helpful products, give them a special offer to have success deal… So you must to do it.

To day, I will build an extension to help you can get all information. But the customer only need to fill information on one input text. I call it “cusotmer full name extension”. It is built on magento 1.

Version 1.0.0 Download

1. With Customer full name, you can enable or disable it in admin page -> Louis Coding extensions -> Customer Full Name -> Settings

Customer full name settings

2. The customer can fill full name when he create an account or edit customer information

Customer full name create account

Customer full name edit account

3. The customer can fill full name when he purchase an order

Customer full name checkout

4. You will have customer first name, middle name and first name in cusromer information

Customer full name information

Version 1.0.1 coming soon as you suggest some features. Leave a comment now.

Fullname customer extension
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